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KT claims first nationwide commercial 5G network
South Korea’s largest telecommunications company, KT Corporation, claims to have officially launched the first nationwide commercial fifth-generation (5G) wireless network in South Korea, ushering in a new era of super-fast and ultra-reliable connectivity for consumers and businesses.

The Korean telecom leader has been pioneering 5G innovations since its Chairman Hwang Chang-Gyu first envisioned the world’s first and best commercial 5G network at the MWC 2017. KT is also the first to offer unlimited data plans for its 5G network services, allowing people to get the best of 5G’s super-fast and ultra-low latency connectivity.

“KT has been the top global leader in 5G commercialization, not to mention it successfully showcased the first trial 5G services at the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in February last year,” Chairman Hwang said in a note to employers.

As South Korea’s number one 5G network operator, KT is leading the global race for 5G commercialization, outpacing rivals from China, Japan and Vietnam to Switzerland the UAE and the U.S. 5G connections will reach 1 billion worldwide in mid-2023 and 2.7 billion by 2025, taking less time than 4G to reach this milestone, according to a latest report by CCS Insight.



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