The “Cash Me Outside” Meme of 2017: From Dr. Phil to Viral Sensation

Explore the unexpected rise of the “Cash Me Outside” meme in 2017, a year that saw the transformation of a simple catchphrase into a widespread internet sensation. From its origins on a daytime talk show to its impact on popular culture, the meme captured the attention and curiosity of millions.

The Dr. Phil Episode that Sparked It All

In 2017, a now-iconic episode of “Dr. Phil” introduced the world to Danielle Bregoli, a 13-year-old guest with a confrontational attitude. During her segment, Bregoli uttered the phrase “Cash me ousside, how ’bout dat?” in her distinctive accent. The phrase, intended as a challenge, struck a chord with viewers and quickly gained traction online.

Memes and Remixes Spread like Wildfire

Almost overnight, the “Cash Me Outside” catchphrase became a viral meme, spreading across social media platforms, forums, and video-sharing websites. Internet users embraced the phrase, creating countless memes, remixes, and parodies that humorously played on Bregoli’s distinctive accent and demeanor. The meme’s infectious nature contributed to its rapid spread.

A Teenage Sensation and Entrepreneur

Following her unexpected fame, Danielle Bregoli leveraged her internet notoriety to pursue various opportunities. She transitioned from the meme’s origin to become an aspiring rapper under the name Bhad Bhabie. She released music and even gained attention in the music industry, showcasing her ability to capitalize on her internet fame.

Impact on Popular Culture and Legacy

The “Cash Me Outside” meme’s impact extended beyond the confines of the internet. It seeped into popular culture, making appearances in television shows, movies, and even mainstream media. The phrase became a symbol of defiance and a way for people to playfully challenge conventions. While the meme’s popularity waned over time, its legacy as a momentary internet phenomenon remained.


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