Chris Kelly in 2013: Remembering a Hip-Hop Icon’s Legacy

In 2013, the music world lost Chris Kelly, one half of the famed hip-hop duo Kris Kross. This comprehensive breakdown explores his early career, the iconic “Jump” era, his life beyond music, and the enduring legacy of his contribution to hip-hop

The Early Beginnings of Kris Kross

Detailing the early career of Chris Kelly:

  • Atlanta Roots: Kelly’s upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia, and his introduction to the music scene.
  • Formation of Kris Kross: How Kris Kross, consisting of Kelly and Chris Smith, came into existence.

The Iconic “Jump” Era

Exploring the pinnacle of Kris Kross’s success:

  • “Jump” to Stardom: The release of “Jump” and its skyrocketing success, making Kris Kross a household name.
  • Fashion Influence: Kris Kross’s distinctive fashion style, characterized by backward clothing.

Life Beyond Music

Detailing Kelly’s life and activities beyond the music scene:

  • Post-Music Pursuits: His involvement in music production and potential career paths beyond hip-hop.
  • Personal Life: Insight into Kelly’s personal life, family, and the impact of his music.
Legacy and Influence

The broader impact of Chris Kelly’s contribution to hip-hop:

  • Hip-Hop Influence: How Kris Kross and their music influenced the hip-hop genre and fashion.
  • Remembering Chris Kelly: The ongoing remembrance of Chris Kelly and his legacy, even after his passing.


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