“Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen” (2012) – A Viral Video and Unconventional Parenting Approach

The year 2012 witnessed the emergence of a viral video titled “Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen.” This comprehensive exploration delves into the origins of the video, its unexpected success, the controversial parenting approach featured within it, and the wider discussions it prompted about parenting in the digital age.

The Birth of “Facebook Parenting” – A Father’s Reaction to Teenage Rebellion

“Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen” is a video that was posted on YouTube in 2012 by Tommy Jordan, a father from North Carolina, USA. The video was a response to a message he found on his daughter’s Facebook page, in which she complained about her parents and expressed her discontent with household chores.

In the video, Tommy Jordan addressed his daughter’s complaints in a unique and unconventional manner. He responded by reading her Facebook post aloud and then proceeded to shoot her laptop with a .45 caliber pistol, all while delivering a stern and candid monologue about respect and accountability.

Viral Success and Controversy

“Facebook Parenting” quickly gained viral status, with millions of views on YouTube within days of its upload. The video struck a chord with viewers, resonating with those who identified with the challenges of parenting and the complexities of raising teenagers in the digital age.

Tommy Jordan’s unorthodox approach to parenting ignited a firestorm of debate and discussion. While some praised him for taking a stand and attempting to teach his daughter a valuable lesson, others criticized his actions as extreme and inappropriate. The video became a focal point for conversations about parenting styles and the boundaries of discipline.

The Parenting Approach – Discipline in the Digital Age

Tommy Jordan’s actions in the “Facebook Parenting” video opened a dialogue about the challenges of parenting in the age of social media. The video reflected concerns that many parents face when dealing with their children’s online behavior and their attitudes towards household responsibilities.

The video highlighted the issue of respect and communication between parents and their teenagers, particularly in a digital context. It also prompted discussions about the role of discipline and the line between teaching lessons and resorting to extreme measures.

The Ongoing Impact and Debates Surrounding “Facebook Parenting”

“Facebook Parenting” left a lasting impact, sparking ongoing discussions and debates:

  1. Parenting Styles: The video prompted conversations about the variety of parenting styles and how they adapt to the challenges posed by digital technology and social media.
  2. Discipline and Communication: It emphasized the importance of open communication between parents and teenagers and the need for respect on both sides.
  3. Online Behavior: The video raised awareness of the issues surrounding social media and online behavior, as well as the potential consequences of public posts and their impact on family dynamics.

In conclusion, “Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen” in 2012 was a viral video that ignited debates about parenting, discipline, and communication in the digital age. Tommy Jordan’s unconventional approach resonated with some and drew criticism from others, but it undeniably brought the topic of parenting in the digital era to the forefront of public discussion. The video continues to be a reference point in conversations about modern parenting practices.


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