Crafting Solar Eclipse Glasses in 2017: A Guide to Safely Witnessing a Celestial Phenomenon

Step into the year 2017, a time when the world was abuzz with excitement for the upcoming solar eclipse. Learn how to create your own solar eclipse glasses and experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of the sun and moon alignment safely.

The Solar Eclipse Excitement

In 2017, a total solar eclipse captured the imaginations of people across the globe. As the moon passed between the sun and Earth, creating a stunning celestial event, many eagerly prepared to witness this rare occurrence. One crucial aspect of observing a solar eclipse was ensuring eye safety, leading to the creation of homemade solar eclipse glasses.

Materials and Safety Precautions

Crafting solar eclipse glasses required a few simple materials: a pair of ISO-certified eclipse viewing lenses, cardboard, tape, and scissors. Safety was paramount, as looking directly at the sun without proper eye protection could cause serious damage. Following instructions carefully and ensuring the glasses were ISO-certified were essential steps.

DIY Instructions

Creating solar eclipse glasses involved cutting two identical rectangles from the cardboard and then attaching the eclipse viewing lenses securely in the designated holes. The glasses acted as a solar filter, allowing observers to look directly at the sun without harming their eyes. Sharing homemade glasses with friends and family became a way to collectively experience the solar eclipse.

A Phenomenal Viewing Experience

As the solar eclipse of 2017 unfolded, those who had crafted their own solar eclipse glasses were able to witness the cosmic alignment safely. The moon’s passage in front of the sun created a breathtaking visual, and the simple act of using homemade glasses added an extra layer of appreciation for the celestial wonder.


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