Meghan Markle’s Relationship with Prince Harry:

The year 2017 marked a milestone in Meghan Markle’s life as her relationship with Prince Harry of the British royal family became public knowledge. The announcement of their engagement captured international attention and marked the beginning of a new chapter for both Markle and the royal family.

Acting Career and Humanitarian Work:

Before her engagement to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was best known for her acting career, particularly her role on the popular television series “Suits.” Additionally, she was involved in various humanitarian initiatives, advocating for gender equality, clean water access, and women’s education.

Advocate for Women’s Empowerment:

Meghan Markle’s advocacy for women’s empowerment became a significant aspect of her public persona in 2017. She delivered powerful speeches on topics such as gender equality and encouraged young girls to embrace their potential and pursue their dreams without limitations.

Discussions About Diversity and Identity:

As a biracial woman, Meghan Markle’s prominence in the royal family sparked discussions about diversity and identity in the context of British royalty. Her engagement was seen as a positive step toward more inclusive representation within the monarchy.

Philanthropic Initiatives and Future Royal Duties:

Throughout 2017, Meghan Markle continued her philanthropic work and raised awareness for causes she was passionate about. Her engagement also signaled her transition into a role that would involve official royal duties and responsibilities, leading to speculation about her future impact on the royal family and charitable endeavors.


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