Pizza: The Comfort Food that Defined 2020

Pizza, the iconic and beloved dish, took on a new level of significance in 2020 as people sought comfort and familiarity amidst unprecedented times. Join us as we explore the rich history of pizza, the diverse regional styles, the rise of homemade pizza, and the creative adaptations that emerged during the global pandemic.

The Origins of Pizza: From Ancient Flatbreads to Italian Masterpieces

Embark on a journey to uncover the origins of pizza, tracing its roots back to ancient civilizations and its evolution into the culinary masterpiece we know today. We’ll explore the birthplace of pizza in Naples, Italy, and the traditions and techniques that have shaped its authentic Neapolitan style.

The Art of Pizza-Making: From Dough to Deliciousness

Delve into the art of pizza-making, from preparing the perfect dough to crafting mouthwatering toppings. We’ll explore the importance of quality ingredients, the secrets to achieving a crispy yet chewy crust, and the diverse techniques used by pizzaiolos around the world.

Regional Pizza Styles: From New York to Chicago and Beyond

Discover the diverse regional styles that have become synonymous with pizza. We’ll dive into the iconic New York-style pizza, the deep-dish delight of Chicago, and the unique characteristics of other regional favorites. Learn about the distinct flavors, toppings, and techniques that make each style special.

Homemade Pizza: A Rising Trend in 2020

Witness the surge in homemade pizza-making as people turned to their kitchens for comfort and creativity. Explore the joy of kneading dough, the excitement of choosing toppings, and the satisfaction of baking a perfect pie at home. Discover the innovative flavors and inventive combinations that emerged during the pandemic.


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