Roseanne Barr: A Controversial and Eventful Year in 2018

In 2018, Roseanne Barr experienced both triumph and downfall. The revival of “Roseanne” became a ratings success, but her racially charged tweet led to the show’s cancellation and significant personal and professional consequences. A year of reckoning and discussions about free speech and social media responsibility.

Roseanne Revival and Ratings Success

In 2018, Roseanne Barr made headlines with the revival of her hit sitcom “Roseanne.” The show, which originally aired from 1988 to 1997, returned to television with the original cast and became an immediate ratings success. The revival garnered significant attention for addressing current social and political issues in America.

The Tweet Controversy and Cancellation of “Roseanne”

Despite the initial success of the revival, Roseanne Barr’s controversial tweets became a significant point of contention. In May 2018, she posted a racially charged tweet targeting Valerie Jarrett, a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama. The tweet was met with widespread criticism and accusations of racism.

As a result of the backlash, ABC swiftly canceled the revival of “Roseanne,” causing a media firestorm and discussions about the boundaries of free speech in the entertainment industry.

Consequences and Fallout

Following the cancellation of “Roseanne,” Roseanne Barr faced severe consequences for her tweet. She issued an apology, attributing her tweet to Ambien use and stating that it was a “bad joke.” However, her apology was met with mixed reactions, and many questioned the sincerity of her statement.

In response to the controversy, ABC decided to proceed with a spin-off of the show titled “The Conners,” which excluded Roseanne Barr from the cast and focused on the rest of the family’s lives.

Personal and Professional Impact

The events of 2018 had a profound impact on Roseanne Barr’s personal and professional life. She faced significant public scrutiny and criticism, with many industry professionals distancing themselves from her.

The cancellation of “Roseanne” not only affected Barr’s career but also impacted the livelihoods of the show’s cast and crew. The controversy also sparked discussions about the responsibility of public figures and celebrities on social media platforms.


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