Campeonato Brasileiro – Pursuit of Glory

In the 2021 Campeonato Brasileiro season, Palmeiras aimed to reclaim the title. Under the management of Abel Ferreira, the team showcased a resilient and disciplined style of play. Led by influential players like Gustavo Gómez, Felipe Melo, and Luiz Adriano, Palmeiras fought fiercely against their rivals, seeking to secure the top spot in the Brazilian league.

Copa Libertadores Triumph

The highlight of Palmeiras’ 2021 campaign was their remarkable run in the Copa Libertadores. The team progressed through the group stages, displaying their strength and determination. Palmeiras excelled in the knockout rounds, defeating formidable opponents such as Universidad Católica, Club Atlético River Plate, and Santos FC. In the final, they faced Santos FC once again and emerged victorious, winning their second Copa Libertadores title in club history.

Copa do Brasil Success

In addition to their continental triumph, Palmeiras also participated in the Copa do Brasil. The team displayed their quality and consistency throughout the tournament, advancing to the final. Palmeiras faced Grêmio in the two-legged final and emerged as the champions, securing their fourth Copa do Brasil title.

Managerial Changes

2021 brought significant changes to the coaching staff at Palmeiras. Abel Ferreira played a crucial role in leading the team to success in the Copa Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil. His tactical acumen and ability to motivate the squad were instrumental in Palmeiras’ achievements during the year.

Key Players and Squad Depth

Palmeiras’ success in 2021 was a collective effort from the entire squad. The team boasted a strong and well-balanced lineup, with key players making significant contributions. The defensive solidity of Gustavo Gómez, the midfield creativity of Raphael Veiga, and the attacking prowess of Luiz Adriano were among the standout performances. Additionally, the depth of the squad allowed for effective rotation and provided different options to adapt to different competitions.


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